Advanced English words that start with "V" and "W"

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начать обучение
of a bad quality
The dress I ordered was extremely wretched.
to write off
начать обучение
to cancel something because it's not important
My son told me he was insecure, but I wrote it off as a joke.
to not be the end of the world
начать обучение
to not be the worst thing
You failed one exam, it's not the end of the world.
начать обучение
a positive moral quality
They posses a virtue that is very uncommon.
to violate
начать обучение
to not respect something or to obey an agreement
He violated our agreement and went to the party anyways.
начать обучение
financial help from the government to the unemployed or poor
After I lost my job, I had to go on welfare.
to make waves
начать обучение
to cause problems by criticizing and telling remarks
Your decision made waves through our company.
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