Advanced English words that start with "B"

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to come into being
начать обучение
to begin existing
After long hours of research, my project came into being.
начать обучение
about food that is not tasty / something boring
If you like bland food, then you don't add spices to your dishes.
начать обучение
a rubbed, painful part of the skin with water inside
I worked in the garden yesterday and now I have this huge blister.
начать обучение
being straightforward and honest in speech without considering how people might feel about what is being said
He was blunt when talking about the issue, revealing some troublesome and hurtful opinions.
начать обучение
a group of persons working in the same location
The student body gathered in the courtyard to sing the national anthem.
broken home
начать обучение
a family in which the parents are divorced
She is a bit saddened that she comes from a broken home.
to blow it
начать обучение
to lose a chance by doing something wrong
I really blew my relationship with my girlfriend when I disappointed her.
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