Advanced English words that start with "S"

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to have something up one's sleeve
начать обучение
to plan something secretly
My competitor thought he was going to win, but I still had a trick up my sleeve.
to snatch
начать обучение
to lift something quickly and violently
I snatched the last piece of pizza before anyone else got to it.
начать обучение
a smart idea that causes progress
Andy added a spark of hope to the new project.
начать обучение
without many people, quiet
My mum grew up in a secluded village in Mongolia.
a slap in the face
начать обучение
something upsetting
The fact that he is still friends with my ex-boyfriend is a slap in the face.
to speak one's mind
начать обучение
to tell what the person is thinking about
I don't need your excuses, I just wanted to speak my mind.
to stand one's ground
начать обучение
to refuse to change the opinion or behaviour
My opinion was not very well received, but I still stood my ground.
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