Advanced English words that start with "O"

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начать обучение
about something shocking, lacking morality
Horror movies always have several obscene moments.
to be on the same wavelength
начать обучение
about people who easily understand each other
We're on the same wavelength, which is why we work well together.
начать обучение
an occurrence of something unpleasant that cannot be easily stopped
When I was in school, there was a huge measles outbreak.
to overlap
начать обучение
to be the same or take place at the same time
I scheduled two meetings at the same time and they overlap.
out of hand
начать обучение
difficult to be controlled
The argument got out of hand and now we're not friends anymore.
out of the ordinary
начать обучение
not like everything else
There are clowns in the woods, which is very out of the ordinary.
начать обучение
not including something
There are very obvious omissions from this report.
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