Advanced English words that start with "P"

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to proceed to something
начать обучение
to do something after finishing doing something else
After doing the splits I proceeded to do a backflip.
to swallow the pride
начать обучение
to do something that can embarrass oneself
You beat me, thus I swallowed my pride and congratulated you.
начать обучение
false opinions or information used to make people agree with something
Bianca is running for class president, thus she's giving away propaganda about her competitors.
to pace oneself
начать обучение
to do something at a reasonable speed, not too fast or slow in order to finish it
Don't eat everything at once, you need to pace yourself.
to pay the price
начать обучение
to be in a bad situation as a result of things done
I conspired against you and now I have to pay the price.
to ponder
начать обучение
to think carefully before making a decision
The teacher asked a question and I pondered it for a long time.
to pursue
начать обучение
to try to achieve something
To pursue happiness is what life is all about.
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