Advanced English words that start with "H"

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начать обучение
a person who will get the possessions of another person after their death
The heir to the throne is intelligent and brave.
начать обучение
an idea that explains something that is not proved
The hypothesis of this research is unclear.
to get out of hand
начать обучение
to need a lot of effort to be controlled
The fire got out of hand, now even the fire fighters are having a hard time controlling it.
to lay one's hands on something
начать обучение
to touch something violently or find something
I'm telling you Gary, do not lay your hands on my turtle.
начать обучение
behaving in a not normal way because of drugs
After having smoked some weed, he was high as a kite.
to hop
начать обучение
to move by jumping on one foot
The little girls hopped their way to class.
with bare hands
начать обучение
without any specific tools
He built that amazing shed with his bare hands.
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