Advanced English words that start with "L"

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to lean on
начать обучение
to force someone to do something one wants
We all leaned on our boss to give us a raise.
to let go
начать обучение
to forget, allow something to leave
I finished in last place but I can't let it go.
to linger
начать обучение
to spend a long time somewhere
This meal was so bad, the horrible taste still lingered in my mouth for hours afterwards.
to lobby
начать обучение
to try to persuade a political party/group/organisation/a politician in favour of your views about an issue
The citizens have lobbied a lot for the changes in the income tax rate.
начать обучение
soldiers positioned in a row
For the march, they were all in a line.
to be on the line
начать обучение
about something that can be lost
If I don't start being punctual, my job will be on the line.
to loom
начать обучение
about the nearing of a negative event that has a high probability to happen
The oncoming redundancies of farm workers loomed over them long before it happened.
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