Advanced English words that start with "E"

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начать обучение
the ability to imagine oneself in the shoes of another person, to share someone's feelings
I am able to feel empathy because my very kind mother taught me how.
to endorse
начать обучение
to support something publicly
My favorite candidate dropped out of the presidential race and endorsed the other candidate.
начать обучение
about something that is related to the principles of wrong and right
Human trafficking is unethical.
to exemplify
начать обучение
to give an example of something
Just to let you know: I will exemplify your work during class today.
начать обучение
the main characteristic or idea of something
The essence of true beauty is within.
начать обучение
an independent thing
This company is a separate entity from the owner.
начать обучение
that is always changing
This world is ever-changing due to technological advances.
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