Advanced English words that start with "U"

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начать обучение
when everyone agrees
The decision was unanimous: he is going to jail.
of utter importance
начать обучение
very important
We have matters of utter importance to attend to back home.
under the weather
начать обучение
feeling sick
I can't go clubbing tonight because I'm feeling under the weather.
начать обучение
behaving in a way that is not fair
The unscrupulous judge acquitted the defendant.
начать обучение
not exact or not in the equal quantity
The team numbers are uneven.
to be unfolded
начать обучение
to become known
The secret that had been untold finally unfolded.
under one's nose
начать обучение
when something happens very close but is unnoticed
My wife was having affairs right under my nose and I never even suspected a thing.
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