Advanced English words that start with "Q" and "R"

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to recur
начать обучение
to happen several times
Eating cheese before bed will make you have recurring nightmares.
начать обучение
accepting new ways and opinions
My boss was very receptive towards my revolutionary ideas.
to refrain
начать обучение
to stop oneself from an action
I will refrain myself from giving an opinion on this matter.
начать обучение
limiting and controlling the behaviour
I was proud that I showed restraint and did not shout, even though I was called stupid.
начать обучение
making a secret known
My mum had a revelation that the world was ending.
to raise fears
начать обучение
to cause others to feel fear
Political instability always raises fears of recession.
a ray of hope
начать обучение
a very small amount of hope that helps someone feel better
The plant started growing, which was a little ray of hope for us.
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