Everyday phrases in Polish
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Everyday phrases in Polish
Amuse your Polish friends with most popular Polish phrases!

Unveil the mysteries of a hidden beyond seven grammatical cases language!
Learn how to order legendary pierogi in a Polish restaurant!
Get to know how problematic is using a gender-specific language
Listen to Polish consonant clusters and learn how to imitate a snake!
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Greetings, farewells and courtesy phrases - Powitania, pożegnania i uprzejmościGreetings, farewells and courtesy phrases - Powitania, pożegnania i up...  
21 карточка
Shopping - W sklepieShopping - W sklepie  
20 карточки
At school - W szkoleAt school - W szkole  
19 карточки
In a bank - W bankuIn a bank - W banku  
20 карточки
In a restaurant - W restauracjiIn a restaurant - W restauracji  
20 карточки
In an interview - Na rozmowie o pracęIn an interview - Na rozmowie o pracę  
20 карточки
At work - W pracyAt work - W pracy  
20 карточки
In a hotel - W hoteluIn a hotel - W hotelu  
20 карточки
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Common Polish phrases

Have you ever wanted to learn Polish but you didn't know where to start? Well, just start from our everyday phrases in Polish and then keep on studying Polish with Polish Words: Top 1000 Nouns and Polish: day 2 . We will teach you common Polish words, common Polish phrases and Polish sentences. After our course you will be able to have a basic conversation with your native friends and ask for information.

Everyday phrases

Thanks to our repetition system you will never forget what you learn beacuse our app reminds you when it's high time to revise to engrave in your memory each and every word you learnt. Do not forget to have a look to our images: connecting images to words is the key to remember new words e phrases. This course is made up of several Polish sentences, which you will find easy to learn, common phrases in Polish and Polish expressions. So, go through our course to become a real Polish speaker!

Common Polish phrases

Are you afraid of going to Poland beacuse you think that, if you get lost, you will never find the way back to your hotel? Well, our course is here to make all your fears disappear in one second! Expression about time, space and asking information, everything is condensed in one super useful course. Learn Polish with VocApp and discover new content, even more interesting! Listen to the pronunciation and repeat because we created courses made up of basic phrases in Polish with pronunciation, so that it will be easy for you to learn how to pronounce these words.