Unit 2 glossary

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a person who acts as a representative for an organization, especially one who gives a good impression of it
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Students on study visits are ambassadors for their school.
a job as an apprentice (a young person who works for an employer for a fixed period in order to learn the skills needed in a job)
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She was offered a two-year apprenticeship as an electrician.
to officially agree that sth is correct or good enough to be used
zatwierdzić, zgodzić się
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The designs were approved by the planning committee.
wanting to achieve a particular position or achieve a lot of success
ambitny, z ambicjami
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Aspiring young executives often put in long hours at work.
to be prevented from having an important part in sth
wyluczyć kogoś z aktywnego udziału w czymś / odsunąć kogoś na bok
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be sidelined
The vice-president is increasingly being sidelined.
to increase your experience and knowledge
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broaden your horizons
He thought that working abroad would broaden his horizons.
to manage to keep sth by trying very hard
trzymać się kurczowo czegoś
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cling on to
He clung on to his position despite many attempts to get rid of him.
to think of an idea or an answer
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come up with
The team came up with some very interesting suggestions.
following what is traditional or what is done by most people
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I realized that a conventional office job just wasn’t for me.
a situation in which sb starts talking about sth that is not connected with the main point
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There were so many digressions I found it hard to follow his argument.
new and still developing
начать обучение
the emerging markets of South Asia
to increase the quality or value of sth, especially sth that is already good
wzmocnić / poprawić
начать обучение
This is an opportunity to enhance the company’s reputation.
to have an unusual career or achieve things in an unusual way, compared to most ordinary people
начать обучение
follow less conventional paths
Most journalists have university degrees, but others follow less conventional paths.
to continue with sth, especially after an interruption
начать обучение
get on with
After he left we were able to get on with our normal lives again.
to do things outside the range of things that an organization, an activity, etc. includes or allows
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go beyond the scope of
These questions go beyond the scope of our report.
to become better at the job you do, so that you feel more confident and satisfied
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grow into your position
She has really grown into her position.
the understanding of a situation that you have only after it has happened
perspektywa czasu
начать обучение
With hindsight, we can clearly see what our mistakes were.
to keep sth that is an advantage for yourself
начать обучение
hold on to
You should have held on to those shares rather than selling them.
trying to get sth
w pogoni za czymś
начать обучение
in pursuit of
She travelled the world in pursuit of success.
to make sure that you stay friendly with sb, because they can give you an advantage
pozostawać z kimś w dobrych stosunkach
начать обучение
keep in with
He was trying to keep in with her because she was about to be promoted.
to one side on the same level, rather than up or down
начать обучение
It was a lateral move rather than a promotion.
to try to notice sth
szukać/wypatrywać czegoś
начать обучение
look out for
Look out for any bugs when you’re using the software, and report them.
to change to another job on the same level, rather than changing to a more senior or junior job
начать обучение
move horizontally
She moved horizontally to a similar role in another department.
to change or progress to another activity, subject of conversation, etc.
начать обучение
move on to
I felt the time was right to move on to a new job.
to officially tell sb about sth
начать обучение
We should have been notified that the date had changed.
with very great care, effort, and attention to detail
skrupulatnie, drobiazgowo
начать обучение
The facts in the report had been painstakingly researched.
people who have the same job level or status as you
начать обучение
She always had the respect of her peers.
respected and admired as very important
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They won a prestigious business award.
to improve your situation so it is easier for you to do sth
начать обучение
put yourself in a better position
If you broaden your experience, you put yourself in a better position to find another job.
to develop so that you are in a particular state or period of your life
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reach a stage
I’ve reached a stage where I really don’t want to work long hours.
one in a series of positions or stages by which you can make progress in an organization
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He was on the bottom rung of the ladder.
the ability of an organization to keep staff rather than have them leave for other jobs
начать обучение
staff retention
We need to improve staff retention.
to be easily noticed because sth/sb is different or special
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stand out from
She’s the sort of person who stands out from the crowd.
to support or defend sb/sth
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stand up for
She always stands up for what she believes is right.
to be able to be treated in a particular way and still stay good or correct
начать обучение
stand up to
His theories don’t really stand up to close examination.
to always be prepared to deal with sth/sb because you know what is likely to happen
начать обучение
stay ahead of
Somehow he always manages to stay ahead of the situation.
to support or defend sb who is being criticized
stanąć w obronie kogoś, stanąć po stronie kogoś
начать обучение
stick up for
Nobody at the meeting stuck up for me.
to find it difficult to do or deal with sth
borykać się, zmagać się z czymś
начать обучение
She sometimes struggles with her workload.
to return to a lower level or to an activity that you did in the past
начать обучение
take a step backwards
I felt that I was taking a step backwards.
to act before other people do, or without waiting for sb to tell you what to do
начать обучение
take the initiative
Someone needs to take the initiative and suggest a solution.

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