Unit 1 glossary

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no longer used, and left empty
начать обучение
The fire started in an abandoned warehouse.
the character and atmosphere of a place
atmosfera, nastrój
начать обучение
The city has a very relaxed ambience.
suitable, acceptable, or correct for the particular circumstances
odpowiedni, stosowny
начать обучение
Jeans are not appropriate for a formal occasion.
to think that sth is true without having been told it is true
przypuszczać, zakładać, przyjmować
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He assumed they would be meeting at the usual time.
to believe that sth is the result of a particular thing
przypisywać coś czemuś
начать обучение
attribute to
She attributes her success to hard work.
to develop friendly and successful ways of dealing with other people or companies
budować relacje
начать обучение
build relationships
We have built good relationships with our suppliers over time.
to develop or improve your abilities at work
начать обучение
build your skills
This is an opportunity for you to build your management skills.
full of people moving around in a busy way
начать обучение
Their premises are on a bustling shopping street.
full of excitement and activity
tętniący życiem
начать обучение
The city is buzzing from dawn to dusk.
a person or thing with a chance of winning or being chosen for sth
kandydat, faworyt
начать обучение
This restaurant is a serious contender for the best in town.
sensible and practical, in a way that is helpful and friendly
przyziemny, praktyczny, twardo stąpający po ziemi
начать обучение
She’s extremely intelligent, but also very down-to-earth.
relaxed and happy to accept things without worrying or getting angry
начать обучение
Our boss is pretty easy-going about occasional lateness.
to decide what you think of sth/sb
wyrobić sobie zdanie
начать обучение
form an opinion
I didn’t really see enough of the town to form an opinion about it.
to understand from what you hear that sth is the case
начать обучение
gather that
I gathered that he was somebody fairly senior.
to manage to deal with things you have to do
начать обучение
get on top of things
It's taken me a few hours to get on top of things this morning.
to help you understand what sth is like
dać wyobrażenie o czymś
начать обучение
give an insight into sth
The trip gave me a great insight into life in Australia.
the basic systems and services that are necessary for a country or an organization to run smoothly, for example buildings, transport, water, and power supplies
начать обучение
To attract more investment the city has to improve its infrastructure.
начать обучение
We require an initial payment of £50 plus ten further instalments.
very interesting because of being unusual
начать обучение
Her idea sounded intriguing.
to get rid of or reject sth that is no longer useful
porzucić, odrzucić
начать обучение
They quickly jettisoned the plan.
to be willing to accept new ideas or change your opinion
начать обучение
keep an open mind
I’m keeping an open mind until I’ve met all the candidates.
to be quick to notice things
mieć oczy (szeroko) otwarte
начать обучение
keep your eyes open
Keep your eyes open for any interesting new ingredients.
cheerful or amusing rather than serious
начать обучение
We exchanged a few light-hearted remarks.
relaxed and calm rather than exciting and busy
dyskretny, kameralny
начать обучение
Their meeting was a very low-key affair.
to deal with situations when not all the facts are known
начать обучение
manage unknowns
Your job as project manager is partly to manage unknowns.
a situation in which large numbers of different people, ideas, etc. are mixed together
miejsce wielokulturowe, tygiel
начать обучение
American society is a vast melting-pot.
willing to listen to, think about, or accept different ideas
otwarty, wolny od uprzedzeń
начать обучение
Try to remain open-minded about your colleagues’ suggestions.
not close to other places or towns
oddalony, na uboczu
начать обучение
The restaurant is on a little out-of-the-way suburban street.
saying exactly what you think, even if this shocks or offends people
mówiący bez ogródek, szczery do bólu
начать обучение
She was outspoken in her criticism of the plan.
behaving in a serious, formal way that suggests you think you are more important than other people
napuszony, pompatyczny
начать обучение
His speech sounded very pompous and self-congratulatory.
to arrive somewhere continuously in large amounts
napływać (np. o funduszach, ludności)
начать обучение
pour in
Donations poured in from all over the world.
the quality of being exact, accurate, and careful
начать обучение
Her work is imaginative but lacks precision.
to deal with information so that you understand it or can use it
начать обучение
process information
It took me some time to process this information.
to understand what is happening and how people are really feeling, even when this is not expressed in words
начать обучение
read a situation
She’s very good at reading a situation.
hesitating before you do sth because you do not want to do it or are not sure that it is right
начать обучение
He was reluctant to sign the deal without consulting his boss.
ordinary, with no special or interesting features
начать обучение
It’s just a run-of-the-mill office block.
having a lot of confidence in yourself and your abilities
pewny siebie
начать обучение
She was a very self-assured young woman.
to read sth quickly in order to find a particular point or the main points
начать обучение
skim through
I skimmed through the report looking for the sales figures.
to consider particular facts, circumstances, etc. when making a decision or judgement
wziąć coś pod uwagę, uwzględnić coś
начать обучение
take into account
We have to take environmental issues into account.
to take as much time as you need without hurrying
начать обучение
take your time
He likes to take his time and get the job done thoroughly.
not interesting and taking too long
начать обучение
We had to listen to all the tedious details.
taking a long time
начать обучение
It’s a difficult and time-consuming process.
surprising you because you were not expecting it
niespodziewany, nieoczekiwany
начать обучение
Her resignation was completely unexpected.
new and becoming successful
dobrze się zapowiadający
начать обучение
They are an up-and-coming young company.
full of life, activity and energy
tętniący życiem, tryskający energią
начать обучение
Bangkok is a vibrant city.
to consider the advantages and disadvantages of sth
rozważyć wszystkie za i przeciw
начать обучение
weigh up the pros and cons
Before taking the job, she weighed up the pros and cons very carefully.
to be true for both of two possible situations or for both of two people
działać w obie strony
начать обучение
work both ways
A good partnership has to work both ways.

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