Questions with prepositions - TRANSLATION

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Na kogo masz zamiar głosować?
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Who are you going to vote for?
For Mr Not Your Business.
Skąd ona pochodzi?
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Where does she come from?
From China.
O co chciałbyś go poprosić?
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What would you like to ask him for?
For a pay rise.
Czego szukacie?
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What are you looking for?
For love.
Przed czym musisz się powstrzymywać?
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What do you have to refrain from?
From eating sweets.
Do kogo należy ten telefon?
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Who does this phone belong to?
To our receptionist.
Czego słuchasz?
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What are you listening to?
O czym rozmawialiście tak długo?
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What were you talking about for such a long time?
About you.
Czego nie możesz mu wybaczyć?
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What can't you forgive him for?
For forgetting our wedding anniversary.
Za co zapłaciłaś?
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What did you pay for?
For your latte.
Czego się obawiasz?
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What are you afraid of?
Of nothing.
W co wierzą Chińczycy?
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What do the Chinese believe in?
In Buddhism.
Na co on patrzy?
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What is he looking at?
At a screen.
Kim się zazwyczaj opiekujesz?
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Who do you usually look after?
After my godson.
O czym zawsze marzyłaś?
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What have you always dreamt about?
About meeting Ingvar.
Z kim się nie zgadzasz?
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Who don't you agree with?
With our top management.
Czym możemy się pochwalić?
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What can we boast about?
About quality.
Od czego zależy cena?
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What does the price depend on?
On many factors...
W czym będziecie się specjalizować?
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What will you specialize in?
In producing armchairs.
Z czego się śmiejesz?
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What are you laughing at?
At a joke.
Od kogo możemy pożyczyć pieniądze?
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Who can we borrow money from?
From our financial manager.
Z czego składa się Bloody Mary?
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What does Bloody Mary consist of?
Of vodka, tomato juice and hot spices.
O jakie stanowisko chciałbyś się ubiegać?
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What position would you like to apply for?
For the position of the CEO.
Na co narzekają wasi współpracownicy?
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What do your co-workers complain about?
About everything!
Na kogo czeka Adam?
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Who is Adam waiting for?
For Ewa.
Czego masz dość?
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What are you fed up with?
With these awful questions!
W czym powinienem wam pomóc?
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What should I help you with?
With finding motivation.
Który formularz powinnam wypełnić?
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Which form should I fill in?
All of them!
O co go oskarżyli?
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What did they accuse him of?
Of being late for work every day.
Na kogo on krzyczy?
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Who is he shouting at?
At one of our suppliers.

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