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achieve sb's attention to express one's opinion
начать обучение
gain the ear of sb
interfere into sb else's private matters
начать обучение
poke one's nose into
speak about sth that one knows little about/pleść głupstwa
начать обучение
talk through one's hat
deceive or betray sb
начать обучение
sell sb down the river
expose or prevent continuing sth wrong
начать обучение
blow the whistle (on sb/sth)
be forgotten or unused for a long time
начать обучение
fall into abeyance
put great effort in one's job
начать обучение
work one's fingers to the bone
be less important
начать обучение
play second fiddle
keep one's plans and actions secret
начать обучение
hold one's cards close to one's chest
do better or make a faster progress than the competitors
начать обучение
show (sb) a clean pair of heels

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