Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Chapter one.

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to bear
начать обучение
accept bad situation
a drill
начать обучение
a tool for making a hole
начать обучение
discribes somone who looks strong, healthy, heavy and powerful
to shudder
начать обучение
to shake suddenly with very small movements because of a very unpleasant thought of feeling
начать обучение
not very intresting or exciting in any way, just boring
to wrestle
начать обучение
to fight with someone by holding them and trying to throw them to the grund
начать обучение
brownish-yellow in colour
a owl
начать обучение
 на английском языке
to flutter
Flags fluttered in the breeze. The butterfly fluttered from flower to flower.
начать обучение
to move wings with a very fast action AND to move up and down or from side to side with short, quick, light movements, or to make something move in this way AND if your heart or pulse flutters, its regular movements suddenly become quicker because you are excited or nervous
a cereal = serial
начать обучение
food made from the grain of cereals, often eaten for breakfast with milk
a tantrum
to have/throw a tantrum
начать обучение
an occasion when someone suddenly behaves in a very angry and unreasonable way, often screaming, crying, or refusing to obey someone. This word is usually used about children
to chortle
Gill chortled with delight.
начать обучение
to laugh because you are enjoying something
начать обучение
the same meaning as bizarre, strange
to jerk
He jerked the phone away from her.
начать обучение
to move or to make something move with a sudden short sharp movement and to pull something suddenly using a lot of force
a steering wheel
начать обучение
the wheel in a vehicle that you hold and turn to control the direction it travels in
a cloak
начать обучение
a type of coat that has no sleeves, fastens at the neck and hangs loosely from the shoulders, worn especially in the past
a bumper
начать обучение
a bar fixed to the front and back of a car, etc. to reduce the effect if it hits anything
huddle of
начать обучение
a lot of people
начать обучение
with a big fascination
to swoop
начать обучение
to move quickly and suddenly downwards through the air, especially in order to attack or catch someone or something
The hawk swooped down on its prey.
on the contrary
начать обучение
the opposite fact, event or situation
to dash
начать обучение
to run or go somewhere very quickly because you are in a hurry
to stroke
начать обучение
a gentle movement of your hand across skin, hair, or fur
to stumble
начать обучение
fall or almost fall while you are walking or running
начать обучение
making a short high noise
a dear = a deer
начать обучение
= darling = a large brown animal with long thin legs. The adult male deer is called a stag and may have antlers growing from its head. The female deer is called a doe and a young deer is called a fawn.
to rejoice
начать обучение
to feel very happy about something, or to celebrate something in a happy way
начать обучение
used as a polite way of speaking to a man
a root
He stood rooted to the spot.
начать обучение
the part of a plant that grows under the ground, also part of hair/tooth/nail which is under skin
a spot
начать обучение
place where someone or something is
a rattle
This rattle makes too much noise.
начать обучение
a baby’s toy that rattles when it is shaken
as humble as you are
начать обучение
still be so modest as you are, even when you know that you have the reason to be proud
to rattle
начать обучение
if something rattles, it makes short sharp knocking sounds as it moves or shakes
to drill
начать обучение
way of teaching, military training
wdrażać (uczyć, wpajać), musztrować
a stroke
начать обучение
a medical condition in which blood is suddenly blocked and cannot reach the brain AND an unexpected but important event or action AND a hit made with someone’s hand, a stick, or another object AND a gentle movement of your hand across skin, hair, or fur AND a style of swimming
Winning the lottery was quite a stroke of luck. Your idea was a stroke of genius. She gave the dog’s head a stroke. With each stroke of the whip, the horse galloped faster.
to huddle
начать обучение
meet a lot of people in the same place
a dash
начать обучение
a small amount of something that is added to something else AND an act of going somewhere suddenly and/or quickly AND name of this mark (—)
A Dash of vinegar in the salat. He jumped off the bus and made a dash for the nearest bar.
a dashboard
начать обучение
part inside a car where the speedometer and other instruments are
PHRASE: Flatter your eyelashes at someone
She fluttered her eyelashes at him.
начать обучение
if a woman flutters her eyelashes at a man, she tries to make him think she is attractive by looking at him in a special way
to obey a command/an order/rules/the law
I tried to run but my legs just wouldn't obey me.
начать обучение
to do what you are told or expected to do
a force
начать обучение
physical strength AND the power or energy produced by one thing hitting another AND the influence or powerful effect that someone has AND a power that makes an object move or that changes the way it moves AND a group of people doing military or police work AND name of the army, navy, and air force of a country
the force of gravity electromagnetic forces. We have convinced people by the force of our argument.
a bar
a bar of chocolate/soap, candy bars
начать обучение
a piece of something with straight sides

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