czasowniki nieregularne - pre-intermediate

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I was a very good student at school. Have you ever been to Rome?
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am/is/are - was/were - been
znieść, urodzić, podnieść
I can't bear it. I can't bear the pain anymore.
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bear - bore - born
bić, pobić, uderzyć
Ken beat me at chess yesterday. They haven't beaten us yet.
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beat - beat - beaten
stawać się, zostawać
Tadpoles become frogs. Mary and I became good friends.
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become - became - become
zaczynać, rozpoczynać
I began to panic. I've only just begun.
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begin - began - begun
gryźć, ugryźć, kąsać
Tom bites his nails. Has your dog ever bitten you?
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bite - bit - bitten
dmuchać, wiać, smarkać
Tom blew his nose. We've probably blown a fuse.
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blow - blew - blown
łamać, psuć
I broke my arm during football match yesterday.
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break - broke - broken
przynosić, nosić
Who brought them? We'll bring some crisps.
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bring - brought - brought
budować, zbudować
Let's build something. The house Tom built is wonderful.
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build - built - built
palić, poparzyć się, płonąć
Paper burns easily. I've burnt the toast.
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burn - burnt - burnt
pękać, rozrywać, wybuchnąć
Tom was about to brust into tears. The balloon will burst.
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burst - burst - burst
I always buy bread in this bakery. I have bougt a house recently.
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buy - bought - bought
móc, potrafić, umieć
I can sing very well. She couldn't read when she was three.
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can - could - could
łapać, chwytać
Every day I catch the bus to work. I dropped my phone but Emily caught it.
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catch - caught - caught
I saw a lot of nice dresses yesterday and I chose the red one.
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choose - chose - chosen
przyjść, przyjechać, przybyć
I came late last night and my parents were angry.
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come - came - come
kosztować, koszt
How much did your car cost? This ring is beautiful, it must have cost a fortune!
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cost - cost - cost
ciąć, kroić
Have you cut your hair recently? I cut myself when I was cooking.
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cut - cut - cut
radzić sobie, uporać się z czymś
i had difficulties with this task but all in all I dealt with it.
начать обучение
deal - dealt - dealt
A dog dug a hole in our garden.
начать обучение
dig - dug - dug
What do you do in your free time? I did my homework an hour ago.
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do - did - done
Sue can draw well. He has draw a tree on the wall.
начать обучение
draw - drew - drawn
śnić, marzyć
I dream about holiday.
начать обучение
dream - dreamt - dreamt
I drink a coffee every morning. I drank delicious juice yesterday.
начать обучение
drink - drank - drunk
kierować samochodem, jechać samochodem
I drive to work. Sue drove to Miami last weekend.
начать обучение
drive - drove - driven
Have you ever eaten frogs? I like to eat pizza.
начать обучение
eat - ate - eaten
spadać, opadać
In autumn leaves fall from the trees. I fell when I was dancing at the party last night.
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fall - fell - fallen
walczyć, zwalczać
He fought bravely. We used to fight with other boys at school.
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fight - fought - fought
odnaleźć, znajdować
I can't find my mobile phone. I found a stain on my shirt.
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find - found - found
latać, fruwać
He usually flies business class. He flew the package yesterday.
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fly - flew - flown
zabraniać, zakazywać
Perhaps we should forbid them.
начать обучение
forbid - forbade - forbidden
She never forgets about friends' birthday. I've forgotten where I put my book.
начать обучение
forget - forgot - forgotten
wybaczać, przebaczać
You must forgive him, he's very ill.
начать обучение
forgive - forgave - forgiven
zamarzać, zamrażać
The river has frozen during the night. Water freezes into ice.
начать обучение
freeze - froze - frozen
dostać, zdobyć, otrzymać, przynosić
She got a letter from her boyfriend. I will get you your book next time.
начать обучение
get - got - got
sadzić, rosnąć
My dog has grown and it is quite big now. Hair grows 1 cm per month.
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grow - grew - grown
powiesić, zawiesić, wieszać
You can hang your coat on the hook beside the door. This picture has been hanging here for ages!
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hang - hung - hung
mieć, posiadać
I have two sisters. I had a flu last weekn.
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have - had - had
słyszeć, usłyszeć
Can you hear me? Have you heard the latest news?
начать обучение
hear - heard - heard
ukryć, kryć, schować
The girl hid the doll in the garden.
начать обучение
hide - hid - hidden
uderzać, stuknąć zaatakować
You can't hit him without a reason.
начать обучение
hit - hit - hit
utrzymać, potrzymać
Could you hold it for a moment? I held the wallet tight in my hand.
начать обучение
hold - held - held
zranić, zaszkodzić
I never meant to hurt you.
начать обучение
hurt - hurt - hurt
zachować, trzymać, dotrzymać
May I keep it? Don't let her keep you from your responsibilities.
начать обучение
keep - kept - kept
wiedzieć, znać, umieć
I don't know what's going on. No one knew where Jackie was.
начать обучение
know - knew - known
układać, kłaść
He laid the book on a table. Lay your suitcase next to mine.
начать обучение
lay - laid - laid
prowadzić, wieść, kierować
Do you want to lead the staff meeting this week?
начать обучение
lead - led - led
uczyć się
You need to learn to live with them. The boy had always learned quickly.
начать обучение
learn - lernt - lernt
opuszczać, wyjeżdżać
I left the building an hour ago. What time do you leave for school?
начать обучение
leave - left - left
Could you lend me some money? I won't lend you anything else.
начать обучение
lend - lent - lent
pozwolić, dać, dopuszczać
Her parents don't let her play with other children.
начать обучение
let - let - let

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