6A Verbs patterns

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(steal) In court the accused admitted to ... the documents.
начать обучение
admit to stealing
(drive) I always try to avoid ... in the rush hour.
начать обучение
avoid driving
be worth
(go) It isn't worth ... to the exhibition. It's really boring.
начать обучение
is worth going
can't help
(laugh) We can't help ... when my dad tries to speak French. His accent is awfull.
начать обучение
can't help laughing
nie móc się powstrzymać
can't stand
(talk) I can't stand ... to people who only talk about themselves.
начать обучение
can't stand talking
carry on
(chat) We carried on ... until about 2.00 in the morning.
начать обучение
carry on chatting
(kill) Miriam denied ... her husband but the jury didn't believe her.
начать обучение
deny killing
(fly) I used to enjoy ... but now I don't.
начать обучение
enjoy flying
(see) Do you fancy ... a film this evening?
начать обучение
fancy seeing
feel like
(go) I don't feel like ... out tonight.
начать обучение
feel like going
= want / would like, f.e. I feel like pasta for lunch today.
(write) Have you finished ... the raport yet?
начать обучение
finish writing
give up
(eat) Karen has given up ... meat but she still eats fish.
начать обучение
give up eating
keep on
(tell) I keep on ... my husband to lose some weight but he just won't listen.
начать обучение
keep on telling
opowiadać, nawijać, gadać - I wish he wouldn't keep on about how much he earns.
look forward to
(see) We are really looking forward to ... you again.
начать обучение
look forward to seeing
(live) I can't imagine ... in the country. I think I would get bored after a week.
начать обучение
imagine living
(travel) My boyfriend's job involves ... at least once a month.
начать обучение
involve travelling
(do) I don't mind ... housework. I find it quite relaxing.
начать обучение
don't mind doing
(work) Does your father miss ... now that he has retired?
начать обучение
miss working
(go) We'll have to postpone ... to the beach until the weather improves.
начать обучение
postpone going
(speak) The more you practise ... English the more fluent you'll get.
начать обучение
practise speaking
(do) I recommend ... a double decker bus tour as te best way to see London.
начать обучение
recommend doing
(travel) I regret not ... more before I got my first job.
начать обучение
regret not travelling
(walk) If I were you I wouldn't risk ... through the park at night.
начать обучение
risk walking
(look) I spent half an hour ... for my glasses this morning.
начать обучение
spend looking
(eat) Once I open a box chocolates, I can't stop ... them.
начать обучение
stop eating
(visit) A friend of mine suggested ... London in the autumn.
начать обучение
suggest visiting
(go) I can't afford ... on holiday this summer.
начать обучение
afford to go
(pay) I have agreed ... David back the money he lent me next week.
начать обучение
agree to pay
(support) The results appear ... the scientist's theory.
начать обучение
appear to support
(meet) I've arranged ... Sally outside the restaurant.
начать обучение
arrange to meet
be able
(work) I won't be able ... for two weeks after the operation.
начать обучение
be able to work
can't wait
(see) We can't wait ... your new flat - it sounds fantastic.
начать обучение
can't wait to see
(study) I chose ... abroad for a year, and it's the best thing I've ever done.
начать обучение
choose to study
(call) They've decided ... off the wedding.
начать обучение
decide to call
(get) Kim deserves ... the job. She's a very strong candidate.
начать обучение
deserve to get
(get) We're expecting ... our exam results on Friday.
начать обучение
expect to get
(be) Tom happened ... at Alan's when I called in so I invited him to our party as well.
начать обучение
happen to be
(find) The organization I work for helps young people ... work abroad.
начать обучение
help to find
(ask) Don't hesitate ... a member of staff if you need anything.
начать обучение
hesitate to ask
(set) I'm hoping ... up my own company if I can get a bank loan.
начать обучение
hope to set
(play) I wish I had learnt ... the guitar when I was younger.
начать обучение
learn to play
make (passive)
(wear) When I was at school, we were made ... a uniform. It was awful.
начать обучение
make to wear (passive)
(get) Did you ... to the airport in time?
начать обучение
manage to get
(give) Lucy has offered ... me a lift to the station.
начать обучение
offer to give
(have) We're planning ... a big party to celebrate.
начать обучение
plan to have
(be) I pretended ... enthusiastic but really I didn't like the idea at all.
начать обучение
pretend to be
(help) Sarah always promises ... me in the kitchen but she never does.
начать обучение
promise to help
(turn) My neighbour refused ... down the music and I had to call the police.
начать обучение
refuse to turn
(be) Something seems ... wrong with the washing machine.
начать обучение
seem to be
(drive) Jack's father taught him ... when he was seventeen.
начать обучение
teach to drive
(lose) My boss tends ... her temper when she's feeling stressed.
начать обучение
tend to lose
(call) The teacher threatened ... my parents and tell them what I had done.
начать обучение
threaten to call
(interview) The police want ... anyone who witnessed the crime.
начать обучение
want to interview
would like
(try) Would you like ... the dress on? The changing rooms are over there.
начать обучение
would like to try
(help) Can you ... me carry these suitcases?
начать обучение
can help
(be) There's a lot of traffic today, so we may ... a bit late.
начать обучение
may be
(rain) It might ... tomorrow, so please bring an umbrella or a raincoat.
начать обучение
might rain
(remember) I must ... to phone Harry - it's his birthday today.
начать обучение
must remember
(book) Should we ... a table for tomorrow night? It's a very popular restaurant.
начать обучение
should book
had better
(leave) You'd better ... now if you want to catch that train.
начать обучение
had better leave
would rather
(stay) You look tired. Would you rather ... in this evening and watch a film?
начать обучение
would rather stay
(pay) Let me ... for coffee - it must be my turn.
начать обучение
let me pay
начать обучение
Remember to lock the door (future). I remember going to Venice as child (past)
начать обучение
Sorry, I forgot to do it (present). I'll never forget seeing the Taj Mahal (you won't forget it)
начать обучение
I tried to open the window (usiłować). Try calling Miriam on her mobile (wypróbować)
начать обучение
You need to clean the car. The car needs cleaning (passive).
keen on
(talk) In the first place, you will recall that in the beginning we were not very keen on ... about these Arab revolts
начать обучение
keen on talking
być zapalonym do czegoś

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