Sports Vocabulary

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an away game
Today my school's football team is playing an away game, do you want to come?
начать обучение
a game played at an opponent's ground
to take up exercise
It isn't easy to take up exercise when you're not used to work out.
начать обучение
to start training
to train hard
He's training very hard to win the competition.
начать обучение
to put in all your effort in your training without giving up
to go jogging
He goes jogging every morning.
начать обучение
to go for a run
sports facilities
Are there any sports facilities in this hotel?
начать обучение
refers to equipment and places needed to do sports
strenuous exercise
This is a very strenuous exercise.
начать обучение
requires all your effort and strength
a home game
I'm going to a home game tonight.
начать обучение
a game played in a team's own stadium, park, etc
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