Food vocabulary

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to foot the bill
Should the government foot the bill for all its citizens?
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to pay the bill for something
a slap up meal
Let's go celebrate your good grades with a slap up meal.
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a large enjoyable meal
to make your mouth water
This turkey looks great! It's making my mouth water!
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refers to a meal that smells or looks so good you want to eat it immediately
processed food
I try to eat as little processed food as possible.
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food that has been altered in some way during preparation
to follow a recipe
Follow the recipe from the web page I sent you.
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to cook a meal by using the instructions given
a quick snack
I always have a quick snack in the morning.
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a light meal, food eaten between regular meals
to play with your food
Don't play with your food, it's rude to our guests.
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to touch, move your food around, or do other things instead of eating it
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