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face-to-face classes
I think face-to-face classes are the best way of learning for students.
начать обучение
instructional interaction that occurs “in person” and in real time between teachers and students
higher education
Higher education isn't accessible to everyone.
начать обучение
refers to any schooling beyond high school
to give feedback
Could you give some feedback on this project I'm making?
начать обучение
comments about how well or how badly someone is doing something
a graduation ceremony
My graduation ceremony is in a month, will you be there?
начать обучение
a ceremony at which degrees or diplomas are conferred to successful students
private language school
My french professor was so unqualified that I decided to go to a private language school.
начать обучение
an independent school where languages are taught
to sit an exam
If you want to sit that exam without failing you have to study very hard.
начать обучение
to take an exam
to meet a deadline
I can't go out tonight, I have to meet the deadline on this essay.
начать обучение
to finish work on time, by the agreed date
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