Personality Vocabulary

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good company
If you can hold a conversation then you're definitely good company.
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someone who is enjoyable to socialise with
There is no place for self-centered people in this workplace.
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to be excessively concerned with oneself and one's own needs
In this industry you have to be thick-skinned.
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someone who is not easily upset or insulted and who can take criticism well
I never overreact or explode, I'm pretty easy-going.
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relaxed and tolerant in attitude
An extrovert will always try to make an introvert feel comfortable.
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an outgoing, socially confident person
narrow minded
During the argument he showed he's a very narrow minded person.
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not willing to listen to or tolerate other people's views
to hide one’s light under a bushel
It's a competition, I'm definitely going to hide my light under a bushel.
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to keep quiet about one's talents or accomplishments
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