Relationships Vocabulary

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to pop the question
He finally decided to pop the question yesterday.
начать обучение
to ask someone to marry you
to tie the knot
So, when will you two tie the knot?
начать обучение
to get married
to fall for
It was no surprise Henry fell for Elizabeth.
начать обучение
to fall in love with somebody
to fall head over heels in love
I fell head over heels in love with my neighbour.
начать обучение
to fall deeply and suddenly in love with someone
to hit it off
We hit it off pretty much from the start.
начать обучение
to like someone and become friendly with them as soon as you meet
to get on well with
I get on surprisingly well with my girlfriend's parents.
начать обучение
to have a pleasant relationship with someone
to get on like a house on fire
I bet within a few years they will be married. They get on like a house on fire.
начать обучение
to like somebody very much and become friends very quickly
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