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To make the first decisive move in a situation.
начать обучение
to beat someone to the punch
I planned to go to China and write about it, but George beat me to the punch.
To carry through a course of action to completion.
начать обучение
to go the distance
I started this project and I finished it, I went the distance.
If someone's behaviour or actions are not cricket, they are not honourable or moral.
начать обучение
It's not cricket.
You cheated! That's not cricket!
To remain alert.
начать обучение
to keep your eye on the ball
We can't leave it simmering, we have to keep our eyes on the ball.
To try to persuade people to support you or give you something.
начать обучение
to (make a) pitch for something
Advertisements' main goal is to make a pitch for something.
To have a high personal energy level.
начать обучение
to have get-up-and-go
I just can't get up in the morning. My get-up-and-go is very low recently.
To be careful and avoid any risk
начать обучение
to play it safe
When taking care of a baby, you have to play it safe.
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