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To be the favourite pupil of the teacher.
начать обучение
to be teacher's pet
My sister is a teacher's pet, she always gets the best marks.
The older you are the more set in your ways you become.
начать обучение
You cannot teach an old dog new tricks
I tried to teach my grandfather sending e-mails, but you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
To learn something in such a way that you can say it from memory.
начать обучение
to learn something by heart
I have to learn this poem by heart for my Polish classes.
Said when you hear or discover something which is surprising:
начать обучение
You live and learn.
So he is a headhunter, I never knew. You live and learn.
A student who is ridiculed for studying excessively.
начать обучение
Everybody call me a swot, but I will have the last laugh when I get the Nobel prize.
To learn how to do a job.
начать обучение
to learn the ropes
Before you start you have to learn the ropes.
Someone who does or says exactly the same as someone else.
начать обучение
Stop wearing the same clothes as I do, don't be such a copycat!
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