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To be in jail, to serve a prison sentence.
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to do time
He's doing time for drunk driving.
All day and all night.
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around the clock
As a doctor, you have to be prepared to work around the clock.
A very long time.
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month of Sundays
I haven't seen Carrie in a month of Sundays!
To not hurry.
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to take one's time
I don't want you to make this decission without thinking it through. Take your time.
Old-fashioned or outdated.
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behind the times
I don't like these new smartphones. I may be a bit behind the times, but I do miss my old phone.
Very rarely, almost never.
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once in a blue moon
We only see each other once in a blue moon. We should meet more often!
To chat or talk about unimportant things.
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to pass the time of day
The elderly people sitting in the waiting room were passing the time of day.
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