Expressions related to food - Espressioni collegate al cibo

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to eat a lot
I would never take in that many carbs unless I was rage eating.
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abbottasse / abbuffasse
Mangerei tutti quei carboidrati solo in un'abbuffata da rabbia.
Carlo felt refreshed after the nap.
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pennichella / pennica
This expression is commonly used when someone falls asleep after having lunch.
Dopo la pennichella Carlo si sentiva riposato.
forcibly eating
Dad always used to say that he and I could just eat our way through anything.
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Papà diceva sempre che io e lui ci saremmo potuti ingozzare di qualunque cosa.
colander / kitchen tool
My car is a wreck.
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Figuratively it means in bad conditions.
La mia macchina era ridota a un colabrodo.
a poor-quality food or beverage
This coffee is terrible.
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Questo caffè è una ciofeca.
to fool someone
Don't be fooled by that guy.
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The root of this verb is "torta"(cake)
Non farti intortare da quel ragazzo.
a very skinny person
You're a really skinny guy.
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Sei veramente uno scrocchiazeppi.
for free
All your buddies drink for free.
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a sbafo
I tuoi amici bevono tutti a sbafo.
to have ears / eyes wrapped with ham
You may not be able to see this because you've got your love-blinders on.
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avere le orecchie / gli occhi foderati di prosciutto
Figuratively it means to be blind, not to understand, to be in denial.
Forse non te ne accorgi perché hai gli occhi foderati di prosciutto per amore.
No small feat!
Thi is a great achievement, no small feat!
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Mica pizza e fichi!
"Mica" is used in Roman slang to create negative sentences. It means "it is not".
Questo è un grande obiettivo, mica pizza e fichi!

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