Expressions of amazement or satisfaction / dissatisfaction - Espressioni di stupore

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Wow! Look at you!
Look at you! You look fabulous!
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Anvedi come stai bene!
Go! Yes! Come on!
Come on, we have almost made it!
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Daje che ce l'abbiamo quasi fatta!
Wow! What lovely flowers!
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Ammazza! Ammazzate oh!
Ammazza che bei fiori!
Here we go again!
Here we go again! You always make the same mistake.
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Aridaje! Fai sempre lo stesso errore.
Here we go again!
Here we go again! Back to the same old routine!
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Aridanghete! Siamo alle solite!
Monkey business!
Honestly, it's unbelievable. it's crazy.
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Roba da matti!
Davvero, è da non credere! Roba da matti!
There's no way
Listen, there is no way that he can solve this case before us.
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Non / Nun c'è verso!
"Nun" is the Roman for "non".
Ascoltatemi, non c'è verso che lui possa risolvere il caso prima di noi.
So cool!
This place is so cool!
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Che fico!
Che fico questo posto!
You are nuts!
You're gone nuts, you don't understand a thing!
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Ciao core!
"Seee" is the informal version of "si" to express hopelessness.
Seee, ciao core, non capisci proprio!
Damn you!
Because of you we have almost missed the bus. Damn you!
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Te possino ammazzatte!
It literally means "you die" but it is used in a friendly manner when you forgive someone who disappointed you for some reason.
Per colpa tua per poco non perdevamo l'autobus. Te possino ammazzatte!

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