Expressions of quantity or movement - Espressioni connesse alla quantità

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on foot
I went home by foot.
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a fette
Me la sono fatta a fette fino a casa.
plenty / a lot of
There are many journalists like you.
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a bizzeffe
with a negative connotation. Example: "There are many people like you, you are not unique"
Di giornalisti come te ce ne sono a bizzeffe
tons of
Great! I met tons of new people.
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una caterva
Alla grande! Ho conosciuto una caterva di gente.
Too much of anything is bad!
You're overreacting. Remember that too much of anything is bad!
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Il / Er troppo stroppia!
"Er" is the Roman for the article "il".
Stai esagerando. Ricorda che il troppo stroppia!
a shitload
It costs a shitload of money.
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un fottio
Costa un fottio.
a lot of
You've bought a lot of stuff.
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un botto di / de
"de" is the Roman for the preposition "di".
Hai comprato un botto di roba!
a lot of / a great amount of
You've got a great amount of books at home.
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una cifra di / de
Hai una cifra di libri a casa!

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