Common and useful verbs - Verbi utili e comuni

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to stick to
She stuck to me like glue.
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Mi si è accollata come la colla.
to dress up
She likes to dress up and have fun.
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Le piace acchittarsi e divertirsi.
to be right about something
I was right about what you like.
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Ho azzeccato cosa ti piace.
to be on one's own
I got us this far, now you are on your own.
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arrangiarsi /arangiasse
Io ho fatto abbastanza, or arrangiati!
to bum
l would've been here earlier, but I had to bum a ride.
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Sarei arrivato prima ma ho dovuto scroccare un passaggio.
to foist something on to somebody
I foisted old clothes on to him.
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Gli ho rifilato dei vestiti vecchi.
to sneak out
I snuck out a new pot.
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Ho rimediato una pentola nuova.
to pick up
I was just saying I should pick up girls at a bar more often.
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Dicevo solo che devo rimorchiare ragazze al bar più spesso.
to hold / bear grudges
You're holding a grudge because I won.
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Stai rosicando perché ho vinto io.
to stump someone
All this pressure made me stump.
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Tutta quella pressione mi ha fatto sbarellare.
not to give a damn
I don't give a damn about what bothers you.
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sbattersene / sbattesene
Me ne sbatto di cosa ti dà fastidio.
to struggle
He didn't want to have to struggle to survive.
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Non voleva tribbolare per sopravvivere.

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