Italian culture

Italian culture
Get ready to immerse yourself in the Italian culture and history!

Our course will take into a real journey: you can learn more about geography, history, and famous movies.
Are you fund of the of Italian food? We will share with you the most famous and delicious recipes.
Do you love football? Come and figure out the biggest Italian football players and athletes.
Last but not least: discover more about Italian Opera composers and poets! Cosa aspetti? :)
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Italian composers and musiciansItalian composers and musicians  
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Top 10 pieces of Italian OperaTop 10 pieces of Italian Opera  
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Top 10 Italian MoviesTop 10 Italian Movies  
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Top 12 Italian writersTop 12 Italian writers  
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Top Italian food recipesTop Italian food recipes  
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Touristic spots in ItalyTouristic spots in Italy  
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Typical Italian hand gesturesTypical Italian hand gestures  
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Famous Italian sportsmenFamous Italian sportsmen  
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Famous Italian celebrations and eventsFamous Italian celebrations and events  
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Dos and Don'tsDos and Don'ts  
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Italian culture

There are so many things to discover of the Italian culture , that we don't know where to start. But you should start from our course on the Italian culture through which you will be able to learn Italian customs and tradition. The real interest in language strats from the culture of a country, so why don't you try discovering both of them at the same time? Anyhow, our course will allow you to go beyond Italian customs and tradition, you will find out many facts about Italy, more than you can guess!

Italian heritage

Traditional Italian food, Italian lifestile, the Colosseum, monuments, Italian history, italian customs and traditions : you can find all of these and even more in our course on Italian culture.

Italian traditions

Do you want to learn Italian language but, at the same time, learn how to behave like an Italian? Then dive into Italian culture! Find out everything you need to know to be a real Italian "ragazzo" and let us remind you when to revise. We will encourage and stimulate you to study and learn new things about Italian celebrations, Italian life and famous foods in italy. For instance, you must know Italian monuments, at least the most famous monuments in Italy or historical buildings in Italy and historical places in Italy. So, jump into a full immersion into theculture of Italy! Just be aware of the fact that there is not just one Italian culture in Italy, but there are several Italian cultures, according to the place you are exploring. Moreover, if you are thinking about going on a trip in Italy, this course is perfect for you! Thanks to our course you won't be the typical tourist who wanders around without knowing anything about the history of Italy that surrounds him. Wandering around Rome, for example, means going back in time to Roman culture. You will be thrilled to see how many beautiful places you can discover in Rome, as well as inthe rest of Italy. Whenever you cast your glance at a new spot, you'll find out something unexpectedly wonderful to explore! If you realized you fancy Italian culture, have a look at our other courses on Italian language, such as Everyday phrases in Italian and Italian Words: Top 1000 Nouns .