Collocations with the verb "to go"

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to travel by a boat or ship
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go sailing
My dream is to go sailing on the Niagara River.
to move / walk / drive at a fast speed
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go fast
We need to go fast to get there in time.
to be lost
also: to behave badly / to go in the wrong direction
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go astray
All of the paintings went astray, nobody has seen them since.
to be according to a plan / to not be difficult
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go smoothly
All of our trips go smoothly because we like to plan in advance.
to use a toilet
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go to the restroom
Let's wait for Amy, she went to the restroom.
to get away without punishment
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go scot-free
The criminal got scot-free because of the bribery.
to become worse
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go downhill
Any relationship will go downhill if you don't invest in it.
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