Collocations with the verb "to catch"

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to become ill of a serious cold
начать обучение
catch one's death of cold
Put on a sweater or you'll catch your death of cold.
to be involved in an argument between two parties
начать обучение
be caught in the middle
Jack was caught in the middle, his wife and his mother had a disagreement.
to apprehend someone while he's doing something illegal
начать обучение
catch somebody red-handed
The police caught the thief red-handed.
to cause someone to become interested
начать обучение
catch one's attention / catch one's eye
The girl in the red dress caught my attention right away.
to stop an animal or a person that is a victim
начать обучение
catch the prey
The eagle caught its prey in seconds.
to apprehend a person that steals
начать обучение
catch a thief
The family caught a thief when they returned from their trip.
to become ill of a cold
начать обучение
catch a cold
I caught a cold swimming in December.
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