Collocations with the preposition "with"

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to introduce somebody and help him get familiar with something
начать обучение
acquaint somebody with somebody / something
The main accountant will acquaint you with the workspace and responsibilities.
to spend time with somebody
начать обучение
meet with somebody
Our manager wants to meet with you at 3 PM.
to match something
начать обучение
coincide with something
Your testimony doesn't coincide with the one of your accomplice.
to prevent from happening
начать обучение
interfere with something
I can accept this position if the schedule does not interfere with my studies.
to engage in a dispute with somebody
начать обучение
argue with somebody
The lady kept arguing with the waiter because of the cold food.
to solve a problem
also: to take an action to achieve something
начать обучение
deal with something
It is time for the government to deal with the immigration problem.
to crash into something
начать обучение
collide with something
A comet collided with Jupiter in 1994.
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