Collocations with the preposition "about"

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te regret something that happened
начать обучение
be sorry about something
She's really sorry about what she did.
to discuss a topic
начать обучение
talk about something
We have to talk about our relationship.
to be pleased by a thing
начать обучение
be happy about something
I'm so happy about your marriage!
to find something funny
начать обучение
laugh about something
A real friend won't laugh about your failures.
to feel concern about a thing or a person
начать обучение
care about somebody / something
Don't you care about our future?
to show displeasure of something
начать обучение
be angry about something
The neighbours were angry about the noise we made.
to have a thing in one's mind
начать обучение
think about something
Nina thought about the decision for a long time.
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