Untranslatable words - Các từ không thể phiên dịch

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Ngôn tình
also: love story
Cuộc đời này đâu có "ngôn tình" như em nghĩ?
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A novel written about everything that happens in love, could be a love affair, a couple after marriage, a love triangle, etc. Commonly, it is far from reality.
This life is not like the love story you thought!
Đa đoan
also: complicated, tangled
Tình riêng bỏ chợ, tình người đa đoan.
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An adjective with an extremely negative meaning, indicating a personality which is troublesome, unpredictable, tricky.
Her own love was abandoned, others' love was complicated.
Đìu hiu
also: sad
Nào thơ nào rượu dập dìu, trông trăng tựa gió đìu hiu một mình.
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An adjective that expresses sadness, but this word makes people feel solitary also.
Wine and poem, looking at the moon, whispering through the wind feeling lonely.
Lom dom
also: weak
Trông lom dom thế kia thì đá sao nổi quá bóng.
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An adjective, can be used to describe a person who is tiny.
Looking weak like that, how could you kick the ball?
also: finished
Tôi đã ăn sáng xong.
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A verb showing that something was completed.
I have finished my breakfast.

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