Luxembourgish in 1 day

Luxembourgish in 1 day
Learn basic Luxembourgish without effort!

Do you want to learn the language of Robert Schuman, one of the founders of the European Union?
Learn the meaning of the untranslatable word “Gemittlechkeet”!
Impress the 400.000 people that speak the language with your Luxembourgish!
You will see that learning this language is a piece of cake!
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Этот курс на 100% бесплатный. Мы хотим показать вам как быстро и легко вы сможете с нами учить.
10 words in 60 seconds - 10 Wierder an 60 Sekonnen10 words in 60 seconds - 10 Wierder an 60 Sekonnen  
10 карточки
You already know that:) - Dat wësst dir schonn!You already know that:) - Dat wësst dir schonn!  
10 карточки
Questions - FroenQuestions - Froen  
10 карточки
Simple sentences - Einfach SätzSimple sentences - Einfach Sätz  
16 карточки
People - LeitPeople - Leit  
28 карточки
Verbs - VerbenVerbs - Verben  
19 карточки
Keng Iwwersetzung - UntranslatableKeng Iwwersetzung - Untranslatable  
4 карточки