Romanian Words: Top 500 Verbs
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Romanian Words: Top 500 Verbs
No more missing words!

Remember forever thanks to our Spaced Repetition System
Master 500 most common and important verbs
Improve your grammar and be ready for a conversation with a native
Be fluent in Romanian with an exceptional vocabulary
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Top Romanian verbs 1 - 50  
50 карточки
Top Romanian verbs 51 - 100  
50 карточки
Top Romanian verbs 101 - 150  
50 карточки
Top Romanian verbs 151 - 200  
50 карточки
Top Romanian verbs 201 - 250  
50 карточки
Top Romanian verbs 251 - 300  
50 карточки
Top Romanian verbs 301 - 350  
50 карточки
Top Romanian verbs 351 - 400  
50 карточки
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What is the best way to learn Romanian?

Obviously, it's with VocApp! We offer fun Romanian language courses that are created according to our learners' needs and language level. You don't need to look for a tutor or expensive courses anymore! Our flashcards are the perfect way to learn Romanian online! They include all the needed details for you to learn easy and remember forever: - Our Romanian language courses include the most needed Romanian vocabulary. Thanks to the specially selected Romanian word list, you will now be able to express yourself freely and find the right word for the right situation! - The flashcards include a picture for each Romanian word, which enables your visual memory and makes learning much easier. - You will also learn some basic Romanian grammar, thanks to our example sentences! - The lector will help you master your Romanian pronunciation, you now have all the chances to start to speak Romanian soon ! You can even download the flashcards as an audio file and use it to repeat on the go! - The Romanian to English translation guarantees you will understand the meaning of the word fully and be able to use it by yourself. - You can polish your knowledge with the use of our Romanian lessons on many topics, check them out!

Learn Romanian verbs with our course

This Romanian language course includes the most frequently used words in Romanian as a list of verbs. You will need these Romanian verbs to express action or motion and to form your own sentences in Romanian. If you had the goal to participate in the day to day conversations with the natives and actually learn to speak Romanian, here's everything you need! Don't forget to check out our other Romanian language courses to strenghten your knowledge, for example Romanian Words: Top 1000 Nouns and Romanian Words: Top 300 Adjectives! VocApp believes in your great results and wishes you an enjoyable process of learning!