Kitchen vocabulary in Romanian
Englishlimba română

Kitchen vocabulary in Romanian
Do you want to learn Romanian vocabulary for cooking? VocApp is here to help you!

Learn the names of fruits and vegetables or the translation of English dishes!
Significantly improve your Romanian language skills!
Practice your language skills and have fun with our courses!
Discover what "sarmale" is and learn how to make them!
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Fruits - FructeFruits - Fructe  
37 карточки
Vegetables - LegumeVegetables - Legume  
38 карточки
Verbs - VerbeVerbs - Verbe  
25 карточки
Kitchen appliances - Aparate de bucătărieKitchen appliances - Aparate de bucătărie  
18 карточки
Drinks - BăuturiDrinks - Băuturi  
13 карточки
Spices - CondimenteSpices - Condimente  
35 карточки
Flavour - AromeFlavour - Arome  
10 карточки
Typical Romanian dishes - Mâncăruri tipic româneștiTypical Romanian dishes - Mâncăruri tipic românești  
10 карточки
Cabbage rolls step by step - Sarmale pas cu pasCabbage rolls step by step - Sarmale pas cu pas  
10 карточки