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to be on cloud nine
Meaning: to be extremely happy and excited
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auf Wolke sieben schweben
Literally: to float on cloud seven
to get on someone’s nerves
Meaning: to irritate someone
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jemandem auf den Geist gehen
Literally: to get on someone’s ghost
to draw the short straw
Meaning: to be the unluckiest of a group of people, especially in being chosen to perform an unpleasant task
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die Arschkarte ziehen
Literally: to pull the arse card
to be a scaredy cat
Meaning: a person who is easily frightened
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ein Angsthase sein
Literally: to be a fear rabbit
to be as thick as two short planks
Meaning: to be stupid
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dumm wie (Bohnen) Stroh sein
Literally: to be as dumb as (bean) straw
to have a screw loose
Meaning: to be slightly crazy, mentally unstable
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einen Dachschaden haben
Literally: to have roof damage
to lie one’s head off
Meaning: to lie
начать обучение
das Blaue vom Himmel lügen
Literally: to lie the blue from the sky
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