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to square the circle
Meaning: to do something that is considered to be impossible
начать обучение
die Quadratur des Kreises suchen
Literally: to search for the square of the circle
to have a screw loose
Meaning: to behave in a strange way and seem slightly mentally ill
начать обучение
ein Rad ab haben
Literally: to have a wheel off
to put the cart before the horse
Meaning: to do things in the wrong order
начать обучение
das Pferd von hinten aufzäumen
Literally: to bridle the horse from behind
to go bust
Meaning: to go broke
начать обучение
Literally: to go bankrupt
to be a chatterbox
Meaning: a person who likes to chatter
начать обучение
eine Plaudertasche sein
Literally: to be a chatter bag
to stand up to someone
Meaning: to defend yourself against a powerful person or organization when they treat you unfairly
начать обучение
jemandem Paroli bieten
Literally: to offer someone paroli
to have a cushy number
Meaning: to have an easy job that doesn't require much effort
начать обучение
eine ruhige Kugel schieben
Literally: to push a calm ball
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