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a storm in a teacup
Meaning: a lot of unnecessary anger and worry about a matter that is not important
начать обучение
ein Sturm im Wasserglas
Literally: a storm in the water glass
to thwart someone’s plans
Meaning: to prevent someone from doing or getting what they want
начать обучение
jemandem einen Strich durch die Rechnung machen
Literally: to put a strike through someone’s calculation
to draw a line under something
Meaning: to finish something and move on from it
начать обучение
einen Schlussstrich unter etwas ziehen
Literally: to pull a final stroke under something
to take a shot in the dark
Meaning: to attempt to guess something when you have no information or knowledge about the subject
начать обучение
einen Schuss ins Blaue abgeben
Literally: to fire a shot into the blue
to pull oneself together
Meaning: to calm oneself down and begin to think or act appropriately
начать обучение
sich am Riemen reißen
Literally: to pull one’s waist belt
to create a mnemonic
Meaning: to make a connection between something already known and the new thing to memorize
начать обучение
sich eine Eselsbrücke bauen
Literally: to build oneself a donkey bridge
to have/get one’s way
Meaning: to get or do what one wants to get or do despite the desires, plans, etc., of other people
начать обучение
seinen Kopf durchsetzen
Literally: to push one’s head through
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