Typical Latvian dishes - Tradicionāli latviešu ēdieni

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Pork fillet tossed in egg, flour and seasoned with salt is a popular main dish usually served with potatoes and salad.
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Cūkgaļas karbonāde
It is a dessert made of semolina and berry jam. It has a texture of mousse. Usually served with milk.
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It is cottage cheese with boiled potatoes. Milk products are a huge part of Latvian cuisine. Usually sour cream, a bit of salt and some dills or spring onions are added to the cottage cheese and it is enjoyed with boiled potatoes.
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Biezpiens ar kartupeļiem
It means smoked fish. Since Latvia is situated by the Baltic Sea, fish dishes are typical to Latvian cuisine. Sprats, herring, flounder... You name it and Latvians can smoke it.
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Kūpinātas zivis
These little yeast dough pies filled with finely cut bacon cubes and onions are an integral part of every Latvian feast and celebration.
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Speķa pīrāgi
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