Top 1000 English Words 201 - 250

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Qual è la tua macchina?
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Which car is yours?
chiedere per ottenere qualcosa
Oggi andremo a chiedere al capo un aumento.
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to ask
want something
Today, we're going to ask our boss for a pay raise.
vivere da qualche parte
Ho abitato a Londra per un certo periodo ma poi mi sono trasferito a Cardif.
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to live
to have a home
I used to live in London for a while but then I moved to Cardiff.
essere emoizonato
Ero emozionato dal suo discorso.
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to move
emotional reaction
I was moved by her speech.
Dovremmo bere molta acqua.
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a lot
We should drink a lot of water.
Posso chiederti una cosa?
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to ask
Can I ask you something?
È stata una brutta decisione.
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That was a bad decision.
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