Top 100 phrasal verbs 26 - 50

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to remove completely
also: to stop eating something; to stop a noise; to stop doing something; to stop working
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to cut out
The director cut out the last scene after the criticism.
to plunge into the water
also: to start doing something with enthusiasm
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to dive in
The water is too cold to dive in.
to fasten something
also: to decorate; to wrap in paper
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to do up
The grandma did up her grandson's shoelaces.
to leave at a place
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to drop off
We dropped our luggage off at the hotel and went sightseeing.
to leave by car
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to drive off
He ran to the car and drove off.
to casually visit
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to drop by
same as: to drop in
I'd like to drop by my grandmother's house.
to abandon
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to drop out
You have dropped out your studies too early.
to eat in a public space
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to eat out
I'd like to eat out tonight, I don't want to cook.
to arrive somewhere by accident
also: to get in a situation or state you did not plan
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to end up
I took the wrong direction and I ended up in an unknown district.
to argue
also: to drop out
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to fall out
I fell out with a friend.
to complete spaces with some information
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to fill out
If you fill out the application by today you will get the answer tomorrow.
to discover
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to find out
I've just found out that my flight has been canceled.
to complete the last part
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to finish off
Finish off your homework first and you can go out.
to make something work
also: to arrange
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to fix up
My father has just fixed up the TV set.
to avoid something
also: to escape
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to get away
I managed to get away before it started to rain.
to receive something that was taken
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to get back
I lent my book and never got it back.
to manage to live
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to get by
He can't get by with his salary for much longer.
to enter
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to get in
phrase used to encourage someone to do something
Don't wait on the door, get in!
to board
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to get on
Get on the first bus!
to leave a place
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to get out
We got out before the police arrived.
to give for free
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to give away
I gave away my favourite T-shirt.
to happen
also: to continue
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to go on
Let's see what's going on!
to explode
also: to stop working
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to go off
The bomb went off near the embassy.
to stop trying
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to give up
You are never going to win, you should just give up.
to leave home for entertainment
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to go out
I would like to go out in the city tonight.

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