Top 100 phrasal verbs 1 - 25

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to leave
also: to be free from some occupation
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to be off
It's late, it's time for me to be off.
to attack by hitting
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to beat up
Those bullies beat up a little boy.
to reduce an amount
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to cut down
We should cut down the expenses on food.
to extinguish something with your breath
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to blow out
Blow out the candles on the cake!
to explode
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to blow up
The fire blew up the car.
to suddenly stop functioning
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to break down
The car broke down on the way back from our journey.
to end a relationship
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to break up with
My sister broke up with her boyfriend after two years.
to raise
also: to mention
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to bring up
It's not a good idea to bring up that traitor.
to reach a person in an activity
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to catch up
Nobody can catch him up at chess.
to stop being angry or upset
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to calm down
Nothing happened, calm down!
to telephone someone again
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to call back
I will call you back as soon as I am home.
to ask for help
also: to ask to come; to call an organization and ask for a service
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to call in
Call in the police!
to decide something to not happen
also: to stop an attack
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to call off
The match has been called off due to the snow.
to fulfill an obligation
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to carry out
They fired him because he didn't carry out the orders.
to register
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to check in
They are waiting for us at the reception to check in.
to examine some work or information
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to check out
Check out my work and tell me what you think about it.
to try to make happier
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to cheer up
My mother always tries to cheer me up.
to make a place clean
also: to get money
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to clean up
I'm waiting for you to clean up.
to explain or solve some uncertainties
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to clear up
I need the book to clear up some topics.
to leave a place by climbing
начать обучение
to climb out
The thief climbed out from the balcony.
to cease a business
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to close down
Due to the tax burden, they had to close down.
to return to a location
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to come back
I came back home before you.
to be revealed
also: to appear; to approach someone to talk
начать обучение
to come up
I know that the secret will come up.
to draw a line over
also: to mark something wrong
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to cross out
Cross out the wrong answer.

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