Places to visit in Russia - Достопримечательности России

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Located in Siberia, it is the perfect place for adventure-seekers who look for another incredible scene to see. There are plenty of activities you can try there, from glacier climbing to traditional Russian steam bath and many more.
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The capital of the Tatars presents the truly unique history of Turkic people. Churches among mosques, local cuisine as a mix of traditions of more cultures, the Kazan version of the Kremlin - all these make it an incredibly interesting city to explore.
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The most epic city in the country, home to the great Kremlin, the stunning Red Square, and the beautiful St Basil's Cathedral. It includes over 600 churches, myriads of unique places, museums and monuments that reflect the Soviet past of the country.
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A peninsula in the easternmost part of the country, probably one of the most impressive places on Earth. Its untouched wilderness and geologically active volcanoes, along with the diverse arctic tundra, will leave you enchanted forever...
Озеро Байкал
Lake Baikal
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The oldest and deepest lake on Earth which holds about 19 percent of the world's fresh water. People who travel by train often stop there to enjoy the landscape and beauty of the place.
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