Funny Finnish words and expressions - Finnish slang and colloquialisms

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Literally translates as "salmon snake" (lohi = salmon, käärme = snake).
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Literally translates as "laundry boys" (pyykki = laundry, pojat = boys).
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A cat's christening
An insignificant, unimportant party or an event.
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Little Saturday
Wednesday; calling Wednesday "Little Saturday" is for the purpose of making it a drinking day as well. Some bars stay open later on Wednesdays as well.
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Squat wine
In Finland, any alcohol stronger than 5,5 % is sold in special stores ran by the government, and the wines are organized so that the cheaper the wine is, the lower it is on the shelves. Thus, you need to squat down to get the most affordable wine from the bottom shelf; "squat wine".
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To drink alcohol alone at home in one's underwear.
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Donkey's bridge
A slight connection between the previous topic that was discussed and a new one.
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Rabbit pants
A scaredy cat, a coward; someone who is easily scared and often afraid of things.
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Reindeer's piss
A measurement of distance used by Sami people; a distance which a reindeer can go before needing to stop to urinate, and which is said to be around 7.5 kilometers.
Homma hanskassa (hanskat hukassa)
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To have task/job in one's glove (but the gloves are lost)
To have something under control/being able to handle a task, (gloves lost) is added when something is not under control or can not be done.
Laittaa hanskat naulaan
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Hang up your mittens
To give up; often also used for quitting your job.
Lähteä lapasesta
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To slip away of a mitten
To get out of control.
Kuin perseeseen ammuttu karhu
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Like a bear shot in the ass
Be very annoyed.
Oma lehmä ojassa
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(Have) one's own cow in the ditch
Being personally interested in the matter.
Juosta pää kolmentana jalkana
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Run with the head as a third leg
Be in a hurry.
Olla kaikki Muumit laaksossa
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Have all the Moomins in the valley
To wonder if someone is crazy; Moomins are famous children books' characters.
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Ass open
Means being broke; not having money.
Mennä metsään (jossakin)
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Go to forest (in something)
To go wrong in something, or failing a task.
Suksi kuuseen!
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Ski to a spruce!
Ordering someone to go away in an insulting manner.
Päin honkia
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Against the spruces
To go completely wrong
Vetää hirsiä
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To pull logs
To sleep.
Vetää herne nenään
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To pull a pea up one's nose
Be provoked; get offended by something.
Mennä pipariksi
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To go/become gingerbread cookie
When something goes wrong
Vintti pimeänä
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With one's attic dark
To be unconscious; used for example after someone fainted.
Sopii kuin nyrkki silmään
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Fits like a fist in the eye
Equivalent to English saying, "fits like a glove"; when something fits really well.
Sillä sipuli
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It's an onion
Basically, "and that's that".
Ottaa tilaisuudesta vaari
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Take a grandpa out of a possibility
Take the opportunity when one is available; take a chance.
Vuonna nakki ja muusi
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In the year of sausage and mashed potatoes
A long time ago.
Pihalla kuin lumiukko
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On the yard like a snowman
Not know anything about a subject or a topic that's being discussed, and thus being confused.
Kauhistuksen kanahäkki
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The chicken cage of terror
To express shock.
Ei tippa tapa eikä ämpäriin huku
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A drop won't kill you and you can't drown in a bucket
Basically encouraging themselves or someone else to drink alcohol.
Vetää lärvit
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Pull faces
To get very drunk.
Olla pelti kii
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Be sheet metal closed
To be very drunk.
Ottaa keittoa
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Take some soup
To drink alcohol.
Olla nakit silmillä
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Have sausages on one's eyes
To be drunk.
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In an enclosed tunnel
To be drunk.
Ottanut pari neuvoa-antavaa
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Taken a few advice givers
To be drunk.
Aivot narikassa
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(Have) one's brains in the cloakroom
To be drunk.
Heittää Yrjöt
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Throw Georges
To vomit.
Päästää sammakko suustaan
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To let a frog out of one's mouth
Accidentally saying something that shouldn't have been said, for example something embarrassing or offensive.
Irtoaa kuin mummon hammas
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Comes loose like a grandmother's tooth
Something that goes very easily.
Korjata luunsa
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Repair one's bones
To get ready to leave.
Kuin hullu puurosta
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Like a crazy of porridge
To be nuts about something.
Kiviäkin kiinnostaa
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Even stones are interested
A sarcastic way of saying "that's so interesting"; a response to a definitely not-interesting topic or piece of information.
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Literal translation: to have black socks

Funny Finnish words and expressions

Remember “kalsarikännit”, the famous word for staying home and getting drunk alone in your underwear? That is only one of the many hilarious, unique sayings and words that the Finnish people have. Check this lesson and have a laugh and widen your Finnish vocabulary with a set of funny Finnish phrases

In this lesson you will learn hilarious sayings and words in Finnish – with literal Finnish to English translations and explanations of their meaning or when they could be used. Amuse or impress your friends in Finland with these Finnish phrases and idioms! Learning the Finnish language and a part of Finnish culture has never been so entertaining.

You will find out that people in Finland are creative with their famous proverbs. After this lesson, you will know what it means to “take a grandpa out of a possibility”, to be like “a bear shot in the ass”, or what’s a “chicken cage of terror”. Or do you know how to react if someone tells you to a Finnish phrase “ski to a spruce”?

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Finnish slang

Speaking Finnish slang will definitely impress the native speakers. If you have some Finnish friends or go to Finland for some time, we strongly encourage you to learn some of those funny Finnish slang expressions. Even if you mispronounce it, it is a great conversation starter. Moreover, Finnish culture is embedded in the language. Have you noticed how often Finnish slang expressions refer to snow and cold? Don't be Pihalla kuin lumiukko (On the yard like a snowman) and learn some Finnish slang words!

Funny Finnish expressions

This lesson will teach you the funniest Finnish expressions! Colloquial, slang, vulgar... Language is language! There is no word that wouldn't be worth learning! Start with this list of funny Finnish expressions and fall in love with the beauty of Finnish slang!

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