Finnish idioms 151 - 200

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Joukossa tyhmyys tiivistyy.
Stupidness condenses in a crowd.
начать обучение
in a group, many do the kind of stupid things they wouldn't do when they're alone
Kertaus on opintojen äiti.
Repetition is the mother of studies.
начать обучение
it refers to the fact that you learn by revising the things you've studied
"Konstit on monet", sanoi akka, kun kissalla pöytää pyyhki.
"The means are many", said the (old) woman while wiping the table with a cat.
начать обучение
There's more than one way to do something (it is often used when it's necessary to use unconventional methods).
yritys hyvä kymmenen
an attempt good ten
начать обучение
an attempt that was good but failed
koira haudattuna
a dog buried
начать обучение
the situation is not what it appears to be; there's something foul behind it
Paha saa palkkansa.
Evill get its pay.
начать обучение
it refers to the fact that the bad will be punished in one way or another
hevoset karkaa
the horses are running away
начать обучение
a way to tell someone their zipper (of pants) is open
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