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broszura на английском языке:

1. brochure brochure

Could you send me a brochure?
I glanced through the brochure.
You can take these brochures home and talk it over with your husband.
I picked up a copy of their summer travel brochure.
The agency mailed a brochure to each customer.
I thought you got a little brochure through your door.
holiday brochure
Jill brought home some holiday brochures to choose where to go this year.
We got some holiday brochures from the travel agent's.
Do you have a sightseeing brochure for this town?

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2. booklet

This booklet is free of charge.
He supplemented his lecture with a booklet.

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3. pamphlet

The pamphlet is free of charge.
I picked up a lot of pamphlets about different health problems at the doctor’s surgery; I thought they might help Susie with her project on modern health.
Our whole constitution can be reprinted in a little pamphlet that fits right in your pocket or your purse.
Skim through this pamphlet before you take the examination for our company.

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4. leaflet

Jeffrey put a leaflet in every letterbox in the neighbourhood to let people know he was available to babysit.
She gave a leaflet into my hand
We read about it in one leaflet.
Pick up a free leaflet from your local post office.
Demonstrators handed out leaflets to passers-by.
The local gym has handed out these leaflets which give details of prices and special offers.
They offer leaflets describing walks in different parts of Britain.
I got this leaflet about the pollution from that girl.
This is a leaflet about Buckingham Palace.
They're distributing leaflets asking for any information about the bombers
I collect leaflets of the slow food restaurants.
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This leaflet contains necessary information.

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